The equipment for oil mills

A part of the activities of BJB Locksmith's Trade Co. is the production of production lines for pumpkin seed oil and the production of presses for cold pressing of all kinds of oil seeds. On your order, we will carefully project  the setting up of your machines in your production premises  as well as the installation and the commissioning of the production line.


The oil mill is a facility for processing of pumpkin seeds and for extraction of pumpkin seed oil. The size and capacity of  every individual mill are projected on customer's order and for customers already known in advance. The technology is essential to obtain quality pumpkin seed oil. The BJB Company  cooperates as a manufacturer with the best oil producers in Slovenia and Austria. Our oil production know-how is incorporated in the sale of the machines.


The oil mill consists of the following machines being essential for high-quality production of quality pumpkin seed oil:

the mill for grinding seeds by grindstones or by cutting equipment

the mixer for kneading the ground pumpkin seed mass,

the oven with tanks and mixers for roasting the pumpkin seed mass and

the high pressure hydraulic press.

Among the accessories for the oil mills, we offer the oil bottling equipment and the mills for processing of pressed oil cakes.

The mixer for kneading the ground pumpkin seed mass

The gas oven with a mixer for roasting the ground pumpkin seed m

The high pressure hydraulic press

The firewood oven with a mixer for roasting the ground pumpkin s

ENG Mlin za meltje prge

ENG Stiskalnica za hladno stiskanje olja

ENG Mlin za mletje semena - na kamne

ENG Mlin za mletje semena - na žage

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ENG Čistilni sistem za seme


ENG Polnilnico z rezervoarji

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